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Originally from Burlington, Prince Edward Island, I grew up surrounded by music. My mother played country music, as did my uncles and aunts. My sister and brother sang alongside me at concerts and shows, during our growing up years. After leaving home and marrying, my husband, Julius, and I raised three sons, Evan, Dane and Jace, and it wasn’t until they were grown, that I was able to return to my musical roots.

In 2006, I took the plunge, and recorded “Shore Rhapsody” which was a walk down memory lane for me, with songs from my childhood, my muse, Patsy Cline, and an original I penned which depicted my love of “The Shore”! This was recorded at Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions under the direction of winning Island artist Gorden Belsher. I shared these thoughts with you on the CD:

“Shore Rhapsody sort of sums up my thoughts and feelings of growing up, my family, and just the love of music – these are my memories and I want to share them with you”.

The release of this CD launched me on the rounds of concerts, shows and guest appearances with other well-known Island artists.

“Going Home” is the name of my second CD, and this time round 11 originals were penned! I drew from my love of our children, family and beautiful Prince Edward Island! Songs range from real “country” to slow ballads, covering a wide range of styles! Although “country” is my roots, I do love singing all genres! Along with my own compositions, I included a Patsy Cline cover, “How Can I Face Tomorrow”, an original by Neil Matthews called “Beautiful Island”, and a gospel entitled “A Living Prayer”.

I was given the honour of being part of a compilation CD called “Believing in Anne” which was produced to commemorate the 100th birthday of “Anne of Green Gables”. For this project I wrote an original called “Ode to Anne” and sang my own rendition of the classic “Anne of Green Gables”. Richard Wood, Jenne Grant, Mark Haines and Nancy White also performed on this very beautiful and fitting tribute to “Anne Shirley”.

As with many musicians, I perform not only solo, but with country bands, duo acts, and soft seating groups. As you can imagine, as the dynamic changes, so, too, does the style of songs! This has made me very versatile and I am always learning new material! This keeps the old noggin sharp! We are never too old to learn new things – and that’s the truth!. That being said, I will continue to work on new music projects and strive to improve my craft, in the hopes of always delivering, to you, a musical experience that you will enjoy and remember with fondness! So…Come On In!! Take a listen to the music, view the photo gallery, and leave a message on my guest book page! I love hearing from you, and invite you to return often and leave comments on my shows or my music! Feedback is always welcome!