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  1. We crossed paths several times in early to mid August in Georgetown, Emerald and Winsloe. I bought “Going Home” on your recommendation and only just got the opportunity to listen to it after getting back to Ontario yesterday. Absolutely loved it!…not surprised! There is a lot of talent on the island and you are right up there with anybody just based on voice but you rise to the top with your amazing stage presence. Truly a wonderful entertainer. I’ll be back next summer and look forward to finding the venues you will be performing.

    • Hi Tom…

      So happy to see you on my site…and so happy you were able to take in some of our shows! It’s been a very busy summer, but an awesome one, and getting the chance to be in so many different venues gives the opportunity to meet so many lovely people! Hope to see you at a show next summer! Jolee

  2. Hi, Jolee!
    I am from upstate New York in a little town called Caledonia . My husband and I visited PEI for 10 days. We had the pleasure of seeing and enjoying “Treble With Girls” on September 30th in Orwell. What a great night we had listening and enjoying your music very much!! You are all so talented! I am almost jealous.
    My singing career got put on the back burner when our two children came along. But, I would do it all over again and wouldn’t trade that for anything! I was in a Country/Rock band before I got married and had kids and always said “someday I’ll go back to it”.
    But, I never got the chance. In 1987, we had a horrible automobile accident. I was in a comma for 17 days. .With many days, months and years of therapy, (and 29 years years later) , I can now play my guitar again. I can’t sing any more, but I learned how to play the harmonica and play both together. It’s my therapy now. I really enjoy playing and I now play in Church in a Folk group.Every now and then, I play the harmonica. Especially, when someone requests “In The Garden”.
    I just had to share my story. I’m sorry it’s long and possibly boring! But, I have to compliment you for the wonderful talent you have. I really, really enjoyed your performance !!!
    If I ever get the chance to attend another one of your concerts, believe me, I will be there!!
    With pleasure,
    Debbie Bailey

    • Hi Debbie..so very nice to see you on here! I haven’t been into my site for a few weeks, and it’s always fun to see a comment from a real live person! You get so much spam on these sites and usually I am just deleting! So happy to be able to post your comments for all to see! I remember you folks very well, and it’s great that you are getting back into music on some level. I was like you, in that, I never started singing publicly until our sons were raised! And for me, it has been a wonderful part of my life, having met so many new people and hearing their stories! Drop by anytime, and I hope to see you at another show somewhere, sometime! Take care and all the best! I’ll pass along your message to the “Treble” Gang! xoxo

  3. Hi. I have been to several shows of “Treble With Girls” which I enjoy very much.You have a beautiful voice & I look forward to your “solos”. I was pleased to see this post (from a face book friend) & enjoyed reading “all” about you!! Wishing you all the best & I look forward to seeing you all soon! Take care & God Bless……

    • Hi Judy….so happy you enjoy the shows! We have a lot of fun together! Hard to believe tonight is our last show in Orwell for the year…where did the summer go! Always a pleasure to hear folks enjoy what we do! Thank you so much!!

  4. Just thought I would drop by to say hello to one of my most favorite female singers..Always love hearing your beautiful voice..And as well as seeing your beautiful face..I wish you all the success your musical career has to offer..

    • Hey there Robert! So great of you to stop by! And just to let you know..we have not yet used the big dice..but it is in the works! We need to figure out a way to get a big notepad to use to score! You should get on down to Orwell tonight, friend! It’s our last kick at the cat for the summer! Would love to see you!! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Jolee,
    Thanks for letting me know you had a website. Now I’ll have to order your other CD!!

    Your favorite fan from Boston,

  6. Very nice website Jolee ! Lovely pictures on here …Thank you for your sympathy on FB ! And today received your lovely card & message. Thanks again. Life will be tough come January & the dark days of winter …I will just stay put ! Hug,E.

    • Dearest Emily…I’ve been thinking of you! Life is ever changing, and all we can do is try to keep up! Love you and thank you for everything!


    • Hey Sherry girl! Thank you for your kind words..:) The country band I play with plays every second Saturday and it’s located at 56 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown! Come on down …we are there this coming Saturday night, December 20!!

  7. Wonderful job on your site…..It was just a pleasure to view it and listen to your clips….Enjoy seeing you always on stage and have many times…..Good luck in all your endeavours….A very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

    • Hi Sharon…thank you so much for dropping by the site! We’ve been working on it for awhile just updating it and making it more user friendly! So happy you enjoyed it, and make sure you come and say hello when next we meet! Jolee

  8. I bought your new cd, Going Home, at a ceilidh at the Jack Blanchard center during the summer, and I think it’s great. It got a lot of play on my trip home to Kelowna BC. I talked to you and your husband for a minute there about your music and the cd. I would like to know who the other musicians on the cd are. It is so well done. Also, thank Jules for the uploads to youtube. I play them all the time and love them, especially the song you do with Lem. Keep up the good work. Ben

    • Hi Ben…

      I am so glad you enjoyed the CD. The other musicians on the CD were Richard Wood on violin, Bob Gagnon on drums for two songs, Lester Stubbert on assorted instruments.

      Take care and all the best to you!


  9. Really enjoyed your show on June 15. This PEI atraction was news to me. Maybe next time I visit the Island and catch one of your shows, you can add an Alison Krauss cover to your set? Thanks much.

  10. Hi,
    Grace amd I enjoyed your website. We really enjoyed the pictures. Looking forward to receiving my CD and seeing you again next year in florida. The jams were great.


  11. Just wanted to say hello and compliment you Jolee on your website.

    Great job on your tunes and picture’s provided.

    Looking forward to our first gig together on August 19th @ 7:00-8:15 p.m. Music PEI Island Showcase, “Dad and His Lad” featuring “Jolee”
    Civic Centre, Charlottetown,PEI

  12. Congratulations Jolee..this is a wonderful site and so nice to see you sharing..you go girl, with a voice like yours, who would dare not listen….Blessings, Keila

  13. hi jolee !

    long time no sign , but i hope u still remember me – oh jay , the crazy dj & music lover from germany ! πŸ˜‰

    so good to see that u’ve released your own music now too & enjoy playing it live as well ! πŸ™‚

    would love to visit u in person one fine day @ the wonderful p. e. i. ! πŸ™‚

    however … all the very best to u & many greetinx too ! πŸ™‚

    your ol’ fellows oh jay from germany